Free Sample Business Plan

13th April, 2021

This free sample business plan is a fully worked example of how to apply the AUSPresence approach to building a business plan.  The business plan example illustrates how a fictitious accountancy firm plans to increase revenues by leveraging its newly established processing capability to expand into new markets.  To be branded Outfunction – a combination of outsource + functional improvement – the new venture will provide outsourced processing capabilities on a functional basis to the Australian health industry.

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The format of this free sample business plan can be adapted based on whether yours is an established firm or a start-up business.  Over some 30 pages, the plan shows how to outline an opportunity in a logical way, engaging your reader to maximise your chances of success.   You can see how the accountancy firm’s context was used to shape their product offering and segment the business process outsourcing market in Australia; before identifying the industry that best fitted their strengths and weaknesses.  The plan then details the positioning of Outfunction within the health industry based on the competitive landscape and differentiators (unique features and/or benefits).

Suitable sample business plan for startups

You can use this example for a startup business plan as well.  Most of the sections such as business opportunity, key elements of success and market analysis, marketing plan are common across all plans – what changes is how you establish credibility within the supporting sections.  For a startup, credibility has to come from external sources since the firm doesn’t exist yet, or is only in its nascent stage – i.e. just getting going.  Thus you need to create a positive perception based on the skills, experience, track record of the individuals you’re bringing together and/or third party endorsements (e.g. prospective sales to established businesses).  Startups looking to use this free sample business plan are also encouraged to view AUSPresence’s guide on how to write a winning business plan, as this has helpful information on how to consolidate your business idea.

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