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I’m Chris Frith.  A digital business consultant specialising in strategy, products and marketing in relation to the Internet.   Working as an independent consultant since 2005, my strength is the ability to go from concept through financial due-diligence to implementation.  This means what’s delivered is going to better match the vision that inspired it.

A combination of formal qualifications and many years experience in  software development, project management, product development and marketing enables me to be across the details whilst keeping an eye on the broader objective. 

Strategy, marketing, project management

Throughout my career there have been three main elements across the various line management positions held and consulting engagements for large and small businesses:

  • analysing opportunities and developing product concepts/initiatives to capture them;
  • gaining approval and assembling the necessary resources;
  • managing the implementation to a successful outcome.
Telecommunications, technology background

Much of my career has been in telecommunications.  My project management experience has been gained developing billing systems and managing mobile phone network rollouts overseas.  This, in combination with my previous RAAF engineering officer career means that I am comfortable with technology and planning.

Following my MBA, my marketing skills were honed at Optus, developing data products and managing a wholesale channel.  This was followed working as an independent consultant providing marketing and regulatory compliance services to broadband service providers. 

Now serving a broad range of industries

Since 2010, my focus has been enabling businesses to harness the power of the Internet. 

This includes developing/launching an online businesses to helping businesses establish continuity throughout their customers’ journeys.  The customer journey is all those steps your customers go through and the associated potential touch points (e.g. website, email, focus) your customer interacts with.

My marketing/ technical/ project management background best enables me to work across your business to make sure the ball doesn’t get dropped.


Chris Frith - digital business consultant

Chris Frith MBA, BE (Computing)

Since 2010 my focus has been enabling businesses to harness the power of the Internet.

  • Telecommunications
  • Horse racing
  • Wholesale distribution










Digital business consultants talking about a project

Typical projects

Typical projects involve me analysing the current situation and making recommendations based on what you’re trying to achieve.

For follow-on implementation projects I call out the need for specialist resources as required (e.g. web developer) and will usually work with your existing suppliers and staff, unless you’d like me to source alternatives.

During implementations I act as the coordinator and customer advocate within your wider team.  With many years project management experience, I am able to free you from the day-to-day running of the project and maximise the prospects of what gets implemented matches the vision.

Typical customers

I work with customers from a wide variety of industries. Once these customers typically had a technological component to their business (e.g. telecommunications, software, etc.) but today, virtually every business needs to be thinking about how they can use technology to gain a competitive edge and/or reduce their costs.

Typically customers have a business objective and are seeking:

  • advice/planning services on how to best achieve them; and/or 
  • don’t have sufficient time to devote to the project – needing someone to manage it and act as their advocate.

My advantage is that I am able to be the bridge between the business/commercial and the technology/ developers needed for implementation.

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