• Business opportunities – a guide to choosing winners

    3rd May, 2017 | by Chris Frith

    Business opportunities come in all shapes and sizes.  The key to success is to know which ones to pursue and which ones to leave (at least for the moment).  No one wants to be that guy that let the next new business idea pass him by, but at the same time pursuing too many initiatives at…

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  • Business Plan template

    20th April, 2017 | by Chris Frith

    Our free business plan template is designed to maximise your chances of success.  More than just a template, it’s packed with hints on how to make a business plan that is suitable for startups, small businesses and product initiatives within larger organisations.  Based on the same template we would use, it’s ready for you to download…

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  • Free Sample Business Plan

    13th April, 2017 | by Chris Frith

    This free sample business plan is a fully worked example of how to apply the AUSPresence approach to building a business plan.  The business plan example illustrates how a fictitious accountancy firm plans to increase revenues by leveraging its newly established processing capability to expand into new markets.  To be branded Outfunction – a combination of…

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