• Customer Journey Mapping Pt 2 – How to create buyer personas

    30th May, 2017 | by Chris Frith

    We are on a journey to better enable ourselves to attract and acquire the types of customers we want.  In Part 1 we looked at the various stages a buyer passes through before he makes a purchase.  We then flipped this to the seller’s perspective – wishing to engage with customers in order to sell… Read more »

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  • Customer Journey Mapping – Pt 1. Understanding buyers

    17th May, 2017 | by Chris Frith

    Customer journey mapping is an important component of your digital marketing strategy.  Use customer journey maps to detail your plans for maximising customer engagement as they transit your preferred path from first encounter with your brand through to making a purchase and beyond – to regular purchasers /brand advocates.  Typically organised around personas drawn from… Read more »

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  • Market segmentation – how to get a bigger piece of the pie

    10th May, 2017 | by Chris Frith

    Market segmentation is the dividing of your market into meaningful sub-groups to better identify, target and position your offerings to those more likely to be attracted to our value proposition.  In this guide, the first in our new series on attracting the right customers, we show how segmentation analysis goes towards developing an effective marketing strategy.  With the… Read more »

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  • Business opportunities – a guide to choosing winners

    3rd May, 2017 | by Chris Frith

    Business opportunities come in all shapes and sizes.  The key to success is to know which ones to pursue and which ones to leave (at least for the moment).  No one wants to be that guy that let the next new business idea pass him by, but at the same time pursuing too many initiatives at… Read more »

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  • Business Plan template

    20th April, 2017 | by Chris Frith

    Our free business plan template is designed to maximise your chances of success.  More than just a template, it’s packed with hints on how to make a business plan that is suitable for startups, small businesses and product initiatives within larger organisations.  Based on the same template we would use, it’s ready for you to download… Read more »

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