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Our digital marketing consultancy puts your website at the centre of your customers’ journey – from visitor to paying customer.   With over 20 years marketing experience, we offer a range of services aimed at overcoming the challenges you face.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy helps bring all the different components of your online marketing channels together.  Your website, email marketing, facebook page may have grown over time and been produced by different people.  Alternatively your customer base may be changing and your communications haven’t.  Customers now have a much lower tolerance for disjointed messaging, clunky website or a sense that you just don’t get them and will simply click away – no sale for you! 

Our digital marketing strategy service is based around the concept of a customer journey map.  This systematic approach enables us to work with you to:

  • Define the objectives for your online presence 
  • Identify the types of customers you want to attract
  • Select digital channels (also known as touchpoints) that suit your customers’ age, position, demographics and how they will be utilised
  • Develop an action plan

You can then implement the digital marketing strategy yourself, or we’ll do it for you, or a combination of both.   

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Website Development

AUSPresence takes the hassle out of website development.  No matter whether yours is a standalone site or large complex integrations across multiple vendors our many years of project management and procurement experience enable us to get the results you’re looking for.  We can either manage your existing website developer or help you select a new one that suits your business.  We’ll work with you to:

  • determine what needs to be done 
  • obtain quotations
  • act as your advocate (responding to queries, escalating as necessary)
  • manage the project (from your side)

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Online Marketing

Online marketing is aimed at attracting visitors to your website.  You can have a great website but unless you’ve got enough traffic (visitors) then it will always struggle.  Online marketing is typically used to:

  • stimulate an initial engagement (e.g. the customer reads an article, signs up for a newsletter)
  • encourage repeat purchases (e.g. reminders, discounts)
  • aid retention through member benefits (e.g. special offers, helpful hints, status symbols)

We take a systematic approach an organise your online marketing around those channels that are most likely to resonate with your typical customers.  This not only makes your marketing spend more effective but also, aids in attracting the type of customers you want.  We can assist you with:

  • email marketing
  • content marketing
  • social marketing (facebook)
  • search marketing (e.g. Google)

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Ever noticed how some sites are easier to use?  

Conversion rate optimisation is about structuring the paths through your site so that they are logical and simple to use based on what your customers are looking to do.  Once you’ve established a reasonable amount of traffic to your site, you can improve sales further by:

  • optimising the layout of pages (positioning of buttons, choices available)
  • improving navigation to suit objectives
  • ensuring the content is appropriate
  • avoiding duplication of effort on the part of the customer

Conversion rate optimisation may sound an obvious, but sites can become clunky over time.  We provide a fresh perspective – both in terms of what your site is like to use from a customer’s perspective and how it can be improved.  Our systematic approach is based on using measurement software to track how customer’s use your site and then the impact of changes.  In this way we can start making obvious changes (e.g. fixing broken links) and then continually refine the site to where your customers like using your site.

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