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Chris Frith – Digital Marketing Consultant  – turns more visitors into customers for you.  Working across the customer journey for your business, Chris will help you attract the type of customers you want, convert them into sales and then retain and grow your customer base.  

Success today dictates an integrated approach that maximises your customers’ journey.  Marketing is no longer something that sits at the edge of your business, it has to work across all the touch points between you and your customers.

Chris’ unique blend of marketing and technical experience means he is able to look beyond your website alone and pull together a comprehensive approach that integrates all components of your marketing mix (products, customers, email, social, etc).  Plans developed can then be actioned by either Chris or via your staff/vendors.

Contact Chris today to discuss your digital marketing requirements.  Our customer-driven approach results in more sales and better bottom lines through increased retention.

Why use a digital marketing consultant?

There are 2 main situations where engaging a marketing consultant makes sense:

  • You’re looking for someone to pull your overall marketing approach together and then work with your staff/vendors, managing execution.
  • You need assistance in one particular marketing area, but need to make sure any work done fits in with your overall strategy.
Why engage Chris Frith as your business plan consultant?

Chris has many years experience across marketing, project management and software development – both for large organisations and small ones.  This enables him to take a broader perspective whilst taking care of the details. 

Chris’ systematic approach to digital marketing means you get a digital marketing plan that fits your business – that is more likely to succeed.  Check out our approach to digital marketing through our Guide to customer journeys

How do you engage us?

Most projects are charged on a time basis.  Digital marketing projects typically have bursts of activity (generating requirements, selecting a vendor, etc), followed by monitoring phases until the next one.  We work with you to establish a budget and then charge based on time spent on your project as it progresses.



What type of tasks could you assist with in digital marketing?
  • Digital Marketing StrategyMaybe you’re unsure where to start; or need a plan to bring things together.
  • Website DevelopmentYour website no longer reflects your business (see our Website Development page)
  • Online Marketing – You’ve got a website, but need more visitors
  • Conversion Rate OptimisationVisitors to your website hardly ever take the next step – i.e. submit an enquiry, make a purchase, etc
  • Content Management System configuration – turning on the online marketing features within your website (see our Kentico Online Marketing page)

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