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Chris Frith – website development consultant  – will drive your website projects to deliver better results for your business.  Successful websites don’t stand alone, but are part of an overall customer journey – meaning you have to look beyond the site itself. 

Chris’ unique blend of marketing and technical experience means he is able to look beyond the site itself and provide the continuity across staff and developers resulting in a unified experience for your customers. 

Contact Chris today to discuss your website project.  With your competitors never more than a click away, you can’t afford for your site to be clunky, or not fit with the other parts of your sales and marketing efforts.  

Why use a development consultant?

There are two main areas where engaging a website development consultant makes sense:

  • You’re looking for someone to take care of things – managing the website development, acting as your advocate; and/or
  • The complexity of your project, size of your organisation, number of stakeholders necessitates a higher level of formality (documentation, meetings, progress reports, issue registers, etc). 
Why engage Chris Frith as your website development consultant?

Chris has many years experience across marketing, project management and software development – both for large organisations and small ones.  This enables him to take a broader perspective whilst taking care of the details. 

Chris will act as your advocate working with your staff, vendors and developers to find solutions best fit your objectives.  He can also adapt the level of formality required to fit your business.

How do you engage us?

Most projects are charged on a time basis.  Website development projects typically have bursts of activity (generating requirements, selecting a vendor, etc), followed by monitoring phases until the next one.  We work with you to establish a budget and then charge based on time spent on your project as it progresses.

Talk to us today about creating a great website

What type of tasks could you assist with in my website development project?

We typically provide a level of project management and a combination of the following (based on your requirements):

  • Requirements gathering – scope, objectives, budget, timeline, etc
  • Vendor selection – request for proposal process (as formal as required)
  • System specification – for more complex sites, particularly those interfacing other systems
  • Data Dictionaries – reference document for electronic data interchange across vendor platforms
  • User Acceptance Testing – confirming operation, providing design/logic feedback as required, issue tracking
  • Project steering committee facilitation.

Note:  You can engage us to perform these tasks individually.

Do you manage other types of internet projects?

Yes.  Our projects often go beyond the website itself, as part of an overall customer management environment.  We have extensive experience in developing and implementing complex systems for large and small businesses.  Check out our Digital Project Management service for ways we can assist.

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