Freelance digital business consultant

Engage Chris Frith, digital business consultant, to win more business and better retain your profitable customers.   

We can help you:

  • get a better website
  • improve the flow of visitors towards customers, maximising sales
  • introduce a new ERP or CRM system to improve efficiencies/ customer service
  • plan new products and explore business opportunities.

Chris’ success stems from being best able to build a bridge between what you want to achieve and the technology/developers/suppliers needed to bring it to a reality. 

A systematic approach that delivers

Chris’ systematic approach provides a level of clarity.  MBA qualified, Chris can go beyond the project alone and help you develop your business plan or marketing strategy that will better inform your decision making towards your objective. 

End-to-end continuity

To maximises the fit between what’s delivered and the vision that inspired it, Chris can also provide additional services to launch your product /business – from product descriptions through digital marketing to customer service processes and beyond.  

Available on a per-project or retainer basis.  

Chris will tailor an approach to suit your needs.  Having achieved success in both large companies like Optus and small ones, Chris will scale the level of formality/level of detail required to fit your organisation and the scale and complexity of your project.

Australian and overseas clients

Sydney based, Chris has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and PNG.  He is available for travel as required for the project.

Talk to Chris about your project today!

Digital Business Consultant Chris Frith assists customers to win more business and retain profitable customers online.

Chris Frith, MBA BE (Computing)