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Chris Frith – business plan consultant  – will create an actionable business plan for your new business or product concept.  Our business plans are best suited to customers looking for a level of detail to give confidence in the viability of proposed venture and then what it would take to bring it to fruition.

Chris has spent many years developing new products and assisting clients launch new ventures in Australia and overseas.  His unique blend of marketing and technical experience means that he can be across the detail without losing focus on the customers that will buy your products.

Contact Chris today to discuss your business plan requirements.  Our market-driven approach results in business plans that not only communicate your objectives but also, lay the foundations for success in achieving them. 

Why use a business plan consultant?

There are 2 main situations where engaging a business plan consultant makes sense:

  • You don’t have the time to research, analyse and document the opportunity you’re looking to pursue; or
  • You’re looking for a fresh perspective – someone to take the idea from your head and turn it into an actionable business plan.
Why engage Chris Frith as your business plan consultant?

Chris has many years experience across marketing, project management and software development – both for large organisations and small ones.  This enables him to take a broader perspective whilst taking care of the details. 

Chris’ systematic approach to business plans means you get a business plan that fits your business – that is more likely to succeed.  Check out our approach to developing ideas into business plans through our Creating Business Plans guides.

How do you engage us?

Most projects are charged on a time basis.  We scale the level of detail/formality required to suit your business, the complexity of the concept and your business plan’s purpose (e.g. concept evaluation, capital/finance approval, etc.)  We work with you to establish a budget and then charge based on time spent on your project as it progresses.

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What type of tasks could you assist with in developing a business plan?

We typically provide a level of project management and a combination of the following (based on your requirements):

  • Market analysis – dimensions, segmentation, competitive landscape
  • Financial forecasts – demand modelling, costings, break-even analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Product scoping/development

Note:  You can engage us to perform these tasks individually.

Do you facilitate stakeholder meetings?

Yes.  We find holding stakeholder meetings invaluable both in terms of establishing consensus and identifying risks that will need to be addressed as part of the planning process.  Participants typically warm to our structured approach that lets the better ideas shine through, rather than pushing a particular camp’s views.  

Contact Chris to discuss your workshop requirements – it doesn’t have to involve business plans You can engage us just to facilitate other meetings as well.

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