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20th April, 2021

Our free business plan template is designed to maximise your chances of success.  More than just a template, it’s packed with hints on how to make a business plan that is suitable for startups, small businesses and product initiatives within larger organisations.  Based on the same template we would use, it’s ready for you to download and start detailing your business idea by following the section headings and prompts that will guide you towards creating a winning business plan.  You can even engage us to review it for you once completed.

Written to respect your reader’s time and attention, this business plan template is structured so that she can quickly get an understanding of what you are trying to achieve.  The reader can then gather any additional information she requires by reading further.  Typically you’ve only a short time to get your message across and so this template avoids the mistakes many make when creating a business plan by prioritising important information towards the front of the document.   This means with our business plan template the reader is able to get a firm understanding within the first 3-4 pages.

If you are just in the early stages of developing a business plan, we recommend you also download our free guide:  How to write a winning business plan.  At AUSPresence we believe the best business plans are written twice: once to get the idea right, the second time for the reader.  Our guide helps you structure your business concept by taking you from opportunity identification through to determining whether it makes sense for your business.  This preparatory step provides you with the information,ready to put into this business plan template. In this way you refine your business concept, strengthen your supporting evidence and communicate it in an engaging manner – i.e. create a winning business plan.

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