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Certified Kentico Marketing consultant Chris Frith, will enable you to get the most out of your Kentico website from a digital marketing perspective.  Kentico is a powerful all-in-one CMS that fully integrates Web Content Management, E-commerce, Online Marketing, and Intranet on one platform. 

Chris brings a unique blend of marketing and technical experience to your Kentico development projects and/or unlocking Kentico’s online marketing features to convert more visitors into customers and grow revenues.  

Contact Chris today to get started.  Remember your Kentico EMS already has the On-line marketing features in place – they simply need to be configured to start generating results.  That’s where we come in. 

Are you getting the most out of your Kentico EMS website?

Developing a website is not the end, it’s just the first step.  The next is optimising the site to convert more visitors (e.g. make a purchase, submit an enquiry, download an article). 

Fortunately, Kentico provides a range of inbuilt features that you can use by themselves or in combination with others including external systems (e.g. MailChimp, Salesforce).  The cool thing is that Kentico tracks both anonymous and known visitors, so you can start straight away on nurturing those contacts.

6 things that you can use Kentico online marketing features for:
  • Sales prospect nurturing – assigning points (both positive and negative) to contacts based on their activities, so that your sales team focusses on the mature leads.
  • Personalising content so that it better resonates with your target segment.
  • Automating marketing processes – defining the steps in your conversion process to include automatic actions (e.g. send email) and those that require human intervention.
  • Increasing page conversion rates – automatically testing page variants to assess which format works best.
  • Better managing marketing campaigns – checking the performance of each component of the campaign and adjusting as necessary.
  • Promoting services and products within your site to keep it looking fresh.




Won’t my developer do this?

Typically no.  Unless you have specifically asked them to and then it will likely be at an additional charge for those that do.  

The challenge is that success requires taking into account how your website fits into your overall marketing strategy and making sure customers progress through the journey towards your conversion goal. 

Most developers focus on getting the functionality in place and less on the digital marketing configuration and fine tuning.  

Why engage Chris Frith as your Kentico marketing consultant?

Chris has many years experience across marketing, project management and software development – both for large organisations and small ones.  This enables him to take a broader perspective whilst taking care of the details. 

Chris will set up your Kentico online marketing features so that it fits with your digital marketing strategy.  From there it’s up to you whether you want us to monitor and adjust or we can train you and your staff so that you can do more of the work yourselves – saving you time and money.

How do I engage you?

Most projects are charged on a time basis.  Kentico marketing projects typically have bursts of activity (analysing data, developing segments, strategy, etc), with monitoring phases in between.  We work with you to establish a budget and then charge based on time spent on your project as it progresses.

Talk to us today about your Kentico website project

What about developing a new, or enhancing an existing Kentico site?

Sure.  Our role would be to act as your Kentico marketing consultant to the overall process – either working with your developers, or helping you select one that is going to deliver the results for your size of business and complexity of site.  Check out our website development consultant service for how we maximise the fit between what’s delivered and your objectives.

We typically provide a level of project management and a combination of the following (based on your requirements):

  • Requirements gathering – scope, objectives, budget, timeline, etc
  • Vendor selection – request for proposal process (as formal as required)
  • System specification – for more complex sites, particularly those interfacing other systems
  • Data Dictionaries – reference document for electronic data interchange across vendor platforms
  • User Acceptance Testing – confirming operation, providing design/logic feedback as required, issue tracking
  • Project steering committee facilitation.

Note:  You can engage us to perform these tasks individually.

Chris Frith helps business go from being customer focussed to customer led and thrive in today's competitive environment.

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