A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

AUSPresence strategy consulting helps you develop an overall plan for your business based on your goals. It looks both inside your business and outside to the market to see how best to leverage your strengths. Sometimes this process will identify gaps in your capabilities and so closing these will also form part of the plan.

The advantages of having a defined strategy include:

  • the process of creating it builds consensus across stakeholders;
  • helps to guide decision making throughout your business;
  • forms the basis of your key performance indicators so that you can measure progress.

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Focus on the areas you want

A strategy doesn’t have to cover the whole business.

You can narrow the scope of your strategy to just the area that you want to address. For example you could use a digital marketing strategy to tie together all the touch points (e.g. website, email, etc.) that you have with your customer so that present a consistent message and ensure that the ball doesn’t get dropped on the way to a making a sale.

Don’t think a strategy has to be cast in stone. Although your strategy should be robust enough to last for 1-3 years it’s important that it be regularly reviewed. The pace of market change is only increasing and so this can throw up new threats and opportunities that need to be addressed. For established businesses this might be every 12 months, but for newer businesses where you’re still fishing for your niche it could be less than that.

Talk to us about developing a strategy for your business

DIY Resources

Where have my profits gone?

You’re working harder than ever; you’ve got more staff than you can shake a stick at – and they all seem busy.  There’s plenty of money coming in, but it doesn’t feel like you’re getting anywhere.

You’ve probably heard that businesses go through stages as they grow.  However, you may not be aware that sometimes there’s  a slight dip in profitability as you transition from one stage to another. The key thing is to ensure that any dip is short term.  

This means making sure that you don’t get stuck between stages.  If you do, then you’ll end up with all the costs of a larger organisation and may start losing customers because the ball’s getting dropped.  Have you ever wondered why some businesses collapse back after a growth spurt?

One of the things an AUSPresence strategic audit checks on is what growth stage your business is at, looking to see if your structures fit for where you want to go.  We’ll also open up the bonnet from customer-product perspective and take a look at the road ahead to see if there’s any obstacles to where you’re trying to go.  Use it like a health check for your business.

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