The use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of businesses.

AUSPresence digital transformation consultancy is aimed at maximising the benefits of internet applications in your business. We help you make the best choices for your business based on your requirements. We can also manage the implementation including change management within your organisation.

Digital technologies – and the ways we use them continue to change the face of business. Rising customer expectations, increasing pressure on margins have meant businesses must continually strive to delight their customers (just) to hold on them throughout the customer journey – from finding through sale to post sale retention and growth.

Typical transformation areas:

  • Business activities: marketing, operations, human resources, administration, customer service, etc.
  • Business processes: one or more connected operations, activities and sets to achieve a specific business goal.

Thankfully the rise of the Internet has made the kind of applications normally reserved for large corporates at your disposal. Software as a service, or subscription based applications can not only give your customers the experience they expect but also the management insights to easily track performance.

Our extensive systems experience combined with our marketing /strategic focus means that we can be across the details whilst never losing sight of the bigger picture.

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